Foods that Can Minimize Wrinkle Problems

Posted by Jennifer on February 01, 2013
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In this day and age, there are too many people who have eventually become quite conscious about physical appearances, mainly their own.

There are lots of media influences which often force people to do their best to maintain smooth and flawless complexions.

Of course, this means that nearly every person on the face of this planet would want to be as attractive as possible, showing off the beauty of their skin, and simply making heads turn wherever they go.

Yet, such is not the case for some. Even in the early years of their life, people are often wondering why they see their faces saddled with saggy skin and wrinkle problems.

Of course, this can always lead to some confidence issues which would then make them feel tired and withered even while being in their mid-20’s or early 30’s.

However, many companies have sought to rectify this concern, with the numerous anti-aging creams, ointments and products which consumers can avail of to finally acquire smooth and wrinkle-free skin.

The main issue regarding these products, though, is that not every one of them can be effective. Some may contain ingredients which are synthetically or chemically made, and can lead to all sorts of unwanted side effects on a person’s skin.

Therefore, one would go for a more natural manner in which they can remove those wrinkles. With that said, it is essential for people to actually pay close attention to the foods which they eat.

Below are just some of the top choices with regard to foods and beverages which are pretty helpful in getting rid of wrinkles.

  1. Water is perhaps the most important beverage that any person can drink, especially since this is a natural resource which makes for a really reliable anti-wrinkle regiment. It’s not technically a food, but it is after all a universal cleaner which can flush out many of the toxins people have accumulated in their bodies through the unhealthy foods they’ve eaten. It also provides the skin with proper hydration, thus keeping it moisturized and steering clear of potential wrinkling.
  2. tomatoes and avocadoesTomatoes & avocadoes are two fruits which are very much helpful in maintaining the youthfulness of a person’s skin. With tomatoes, lycopene is the main substance which can help maintain that blushing look, allowing the skin emit such a radiant glow and keep a person looking young. It’s also responsible for reducing damage to the skin cells. Avocadoes, on the other hand, are filled with vitamin E, something that’s recognized as a preventer of aging signs, such as age spots and wrinkles.
  3. Green tea is also essential for people who want to get rid of wrinkles. These contain antioxidants which are known to cleanse the body as well of unnecessary wastes. What’s even better is the fact that it can help those who wish to lose weight.

These are some of the foods & beverages that people should consume more if they wish to eliminate wrinkle problems from their skin for good.

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Foods that Lead to Wrinkle Development

Posted by Jennifer on December 12, 2012
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For several years, there have been numerous individuals trying to look for a plethora of methods in which they can improve the quality of their skin.

This applies to those middle aged people who wish to maintain that youthful complexion. Of course, it makes perfect sense for them to undergo wrinkle development, seeing as it is one of the many signs of aging, a natural process which everyone must undergo.

However, some happen to be very consistent in skin care and maintenance more so than others.

In fact, one of the reasons why people develop wrinkles even at such an early age is that they often forget to keep an eye out for the kinds of food that they eat.

To many individuals, they don’t realize that the consumption of foods such as processed snacks, alcohol and sweets may lead to many wrinkles appearing on their skin, especially their faces.

These types of foods are often filled with many ingredients which can pretty much cause the skin to experience dryness, eventually leading to further cell damage.

Collagen and elastin fibers would be reduced, which is definitely a bad thing considering that these are the two main components for helping the skin become firm and tight.

Below are just some of the reasons why people must avoid consuming unhealthy foods.

  1. sugary foodsThose individuals who are very fond of eating foods rich in sugar, including cakes, candies, ice creams and chocolates are opening themselves up to the risk of getting wrinkled skin. This takes place with a process called glycation, wherein sugars travel in a person’s bloodstream, attaching themselves to proteins which can produce a specific type of molecule that causes massive damage to elastin and collagen fibers. To sum it up, those who eat more sugary foods will be killing these two main components. When extensive damage has been done to both fibers, the skin will then be brittle and dry, which also results in the developing of saggy and wrinkled skin.
  2. Another reason why wrinkles develop on the skin is due to the consumption of processed foods. These are the same kinds of foods that people see lined up in shelves over at the grocery stores. Many of these foods don’t even contain essential nutrients, but rather preservatives and synthetic ingredients that will do the body a lot of harm, especially when consumed continuously. These foods are stripped of essential antioxidants which provide the skin with the proper protection to fend off free radicals that cause wrinkles. Of course, the most effective way for people to keep their skin cells in optimum health is through limiting, or even eliminating the consumption of these processed foods. Instead, one should focus on consuming healthier food types such as lean meats, fruits and green, leafy vegetables, as these contain vitamins & minerals which can keep the skin smooth, clear and wrinkle-free.

These are just some of the things that people need to keep in mind with regard to foods that can cause wrinkle problems even at such an early age.

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